Well Christmas will be a little different this year for all of us, it will be especially hard for those families who are unable to access the normal support systems they rely on in more ordinary times. A key part of our mission at EMCC, and one to which Christ calls us, is providing for material needs. Where we are able to do so we are endeavoring to do that this Christmas. One aspect of this will be to provide for families within our community who need food and other essentials.

UPDATE December 6th 2020

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those within the Church family and wider community. We have received so many gifts that we have been able to extend significantly what we originally intended to give. We have rasied just under £1000 in cash from Church members and a few kind folks in the wider community. In addition we have received amazing support from the CO-OP on springfield road. Since we visited to place our order they have been very kind. Not only have they donated £250 in cash on top of the £1000 we have already raised but they have worked incredibly hard to source from other stores and warehouses the best value for money items they can; all to make the money stretch further. We are incredibly grateful to them and the community minded way in which they have supported this project.

We have also received support from other business. The Lemmon Tree cafe has kindly donated 30 selection boxes so that each family can receive one in their package. We are very grateful for their kind support. Alison's butcher's have also come to our assistance by giving us a £40 contribution towards the meat vouchers we have included with each gift.

So all in all it's looking like we can make a discrete and positive impact in the lives of 30 local families. What next? Well we will be taking delivery of the goods this Thursday and Friday into the Church hall. There Helen will be spending most of Friday sorting and ordering the packages. The packages will be taken with bags kindly supplied by the CO-OP to the school on Monday 14th December. The bags will spend 3 days there before being given by the school staff to those in need.

The school have been generous in giving their time to distribute and support us in this work and a big thank you must go to Mr Smithers and his team.

We hope to post some photo's of the scale of your giving later this week.

So What are we doing?

Through the local primary school we have been able to identify 30 families who would benefit form a little extra support this year. We are looking to provide a small bag of food and essentials to those families. 

What you can do?

It would be wonderful if you were able to support this initiative through financial gifts. We are not asking for food or other items as we are working with local supermarkets to provide items so that we can give the same to each family. Please note we need all donations by Sunday 6th of December so that we can finalize order and get the packages ready.

How can you get gifts to us?

We know it's harder to do that whilst the building is closed and we are in a lockdown. So instead we are asking that you either pledge the money through email or a call to us (details below), or you can send us a cheque or transfer the funds direct to EMCC (if you do this, please can you let us know so we can include the amount when calculating what we can buy?). By pledging the money we will be able to gauge the level of support and just what we can buy and we can then collect the money from you at a later date.  Please can you let us know if you would like to contribute by 6th December so that we know what funds are available - we will need to make the purchases during the following week ready for distribution via the school the week after, before the end of term on 18th December.   

What we will buy?

We are looking to purchase essentials such as pasta, rice, cereals, biscuits and long life milk amongst other items. It all depends on how much we can raise.

Lemon Tree

We are also really pleased to say that the new owners of the Lemon Tree are supporting us with a selection box for each family. A massive thank you to them :-)

Contact us

You can pledge by calling us on 01752 480319, text or WhatsApp Helen on 07897 577501, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., message us on Facebook or YouTube or you can even write to us:

17 Blackstone Close



We will also accept semaphore messages, morse code, flags, bugle messages or any other medium you can think of :-)


 Thank you for reading :-)